I have been participating in the 2022 edition of Inktober and, so far, the prompt of October 25th (Tempting) has been my favourite to work on.

My name is Eva, and for the longest of time I hated my name because it was negatively associated with the story of Eve getting tempted by the Devil, and seducing Adam in turn.

In Italian there are actually numerous curse phrases including the name of Eve.

When I grew up, I started thinking that a mythical female figure exerting free will and persuading her companion to try and discover knowledge beyond the rudiments bequeathed by their vindictive master, was not too bad at all.

Observing the story from this point of view, I now actually like my name. It carries a reminder to rebel against control and take ownership of one’s destiny.

So in this drawing, the garden of Eden is nothing but a greenhouse, and Eve is tempted to use the forbidden fruit to break its glass ceiling.


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