“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself” (Virginia Woolf)

I am so excited to finally share on my blog the episode of Boudoir Talk that I recorded with my friend Monika Kozub, artist, photographer and founder of Berlin Boudoir, a project focused on the celebration of women in all their colors and shapes.

In this episode, Monika and I talk about how we met and how our year-long friendship began, based not only on our geographical proximity and our studies in art, but also on our shared experience of womanhood.

Being born and raised in Catholic countries and having then moved to a city like Berlin, we both experienced the inebriating freedom to pick new career paths, female archetypes and newly found self-love.

We also discuss our dreams for a completely new history of art, that offers young girls the possibility of identifying with strong female creatives and explore the endless scenarios where they can have their point of view be heard.

You can listen to the podcast here below, and please follow Monika on her page, Instagram and Facebook!

Berlin Boudoir
Instagram: berlinboudoir
Facebook: berlinboudoir

Frida Kahlo, Monika Kozub (Berlin Boudoir), 2020

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